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Oakville, Ontario – As a leading Microsoft partner, it is with excitement that we announce the expansion of AXSource® operations to the Asia and the Middle East markets. The exciting milestone became official by acquiring AlfaPeople® India team, retail and hospitality experts with clients such as TGIF, … The result of this acquisition includes gaining two new ground-breaking solutions (RestaSol and D365HPOS) under the AXSource® name as well as onboarding a team of Microsoft Dynamics experts in retail and hospitality industry. This acquisition introduces our company to two additional industries of Retail and Hospitality. The solutions have been established firstly in India and then will be introduced in Canada and the middle east. This expansion is a great asset to AXSource® since this is the first acquisition of a market outside of North America since the operation of the business in 2007.

About RestaSol

RestaSol is an ERP independent full suite restaurant management solution, built on a hybrid platform for iOS, Android, and browsers that serve intricate components required in the hospitality industry. It offers the front-end restaurant management and can be integrated with any ERP system to support the back-office operations.

About HPOS / D365HPOS

D365HPOS is a Restaurant Management Solution, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365. It handles all necessary point of sale operations, Recipe Management, Food Costing, Table Management with the addition of hospitality-specific operations such as split bill and transfers of orders between tables.

About AXSource

AXSource® is a Microsoft Dynamics partner that specializes in IT solutions for companies within the Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Cannabis industries and has developed services to optimize processes in manufacturing, supply chain management, and distribution. AXSource® is the only Microsoft Partner with Dynamics AX/365 and Regulatory & Quality Compliance consulting practice under one roof. Headquartered in the USA and Canada, AXSource® has offices in Toronto, Atlanta, Miami, and an office in New Delhi, India.

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