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The Rebranding – From AXOQCS™ to D365QCS™

Oakville, Ontario – AXSource®, the leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner in North America, is pleased to reveal the rebranding of there product, AXOQCS™ to its new name D365QCS™ (also known as QCS™). This name represents the change of what the solution has been changed to as AXOQCS™ has previously been supported by Dynamics AX. However, the new product, D365QCS™, has been upgraded with Microsoft Dynamics 365 which brought us to drop the AXO in AXOQCS™ to have it as D365QCS™.

As we are only rebranding the name to D365QCS™ we would like to say that it has all the same great features that AXOQCS™ has to offer and much more. More in the sense that it is built on Microsoft D365 instead of Microsoft AX, as with this upgrade comes to a fully integrated solution that serves the complex requirements of companies in the Life Sciences industries.

About D365QCS™

D365QCS™ was developed by AXSource® to provide a fully integrated solution for compliance to Life Sciences Companies. D365QCS™ has been validated by in-house regulatory experts to ensure compliance with FDA 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 11 and global GMP regulations. The implementation of D365QCS™ leverages system-wide business data for quality management and quality improvement initiatives.

D365QCS™ Features

D365QCS™ works as an add-on to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP. In addition to upgrading from Dynamics AX to D365, its key features include:

  • Electronic Batch Records
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Recall Management
  • Quality Management
  • Managing Non-Conformances & Deviations with on-line Corrective Action & Preventative Action (CAPA)
  • Computer System Validation which ensures accuracy, reproducibility, reliability, security, integrity, and performance

Making Compliance a Business Advantage

D365QCS™ will eliminate the use of multiple standalone systems and paper-based processes for your business. This validated solution reduces costs and supports efficiency as well as allows clients to have huge savings in costs of a separate validation effort with multiple partners. It meets the FDA, Health Canada, and EU compliance requirements. These compliance processes are now ready for implementation.

About AXSource

AXSource® is a Microsoft Dynamics partner that specializes in IT solutions for companies within the Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Cannabis industries and has developed services to optimize processes in manufacturing, supply chain management, and distribution. AXSource® is the only Microsoft Partner with Dynamics AX/D365 and Regulatory & Quality Compliance consulting practice under one roof. Headquartered in Canada and the USA, AXSource® has offices in the Greater Toronto Area, Atlanta, Miami, and an office in New Delhi, India.

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