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Application Migration / Upgrade

Transforming Business Resiliency through Extensive Microsoft D365 Application Migration / Upgrade Services


Maximize the Return on Your Microsoft D365 Investment

Our Microsoft D365 migration / upgrade services are designed to help businesses seamlessly transition to the latest version of Microsoft D365. This includes migrating data and customizations, and upgrading existing functionalities and features. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and create a customized plan to ensure a smooth and successful migration. We also provide post-migration support to ensure that your organization is fully utilizing the new capabilities and features of Microsoft D365.

With our services, you can rest assured that your business will be able to take advantage of the latest technology and stay competitive in today’s market. Our upgrade strategies offer functional, technical, and data upgrades using a structured approach that includes a detailed project plan, a project roadmap, custom code conversion, successful data migration, training, and ‘go-live’ support.

A Full-Service Microsoft D365 Upgrade and Migration with Unrivaled Customer Satisfaction

Evaluation of your Current Microsoft D365 Applications

  • Identify and evaluate system opportunities and business challenges.
  • Determine your business goals and connect them to the Microsoft D365 application’s functionalities.
  • Develop a short list of applications that fit your demands as a business and your long-term goals.

Understand the Best Microsoft D365 Upgrade and Migration Options

We work to understand your strategic objectives and align them with the Microsoft D365 Upgrade and Migration goals to clarify the tactics and KPIs that help accomplish and measure success in achieving those objectives. Our approach to upgrading D365 involves automated tool-based assessments, adopting new features, and optimizing existing modifications.

Create a Comprehensive & Executable Microsoft D365 Success Plan

Our comprehensive, detailed plan is well structured and includes all stages, phases, tasks, and deliverables required for successfully executing a Microsoft D365 Upgrade and Migration project efficiently. We make the Microsoft D365 Upgrade and Migration a seamless and easy task, keeping your organization updated with the latest features.

The AXSource Microsoft D365 Upgrade and Migration
Services Advantage

Make Your Microsoft D365 Move More Valuable in Terms of Time and Investment!