AXoMedical: Hospital Bed Management System

Hospital Bed Management System (HBMS) originally developed for a hospital in Brantford, ON. AXoMedical was developed to increase visibility across the system in order to improve bed usage and increase available bed awareness. AXoMedical is built on existing Microsoft stack products for simplicity, ease of installation, and reduction of purchases costs for our clients. The BDMS dashboard can be customized to fit any and all needs, and the AXSource team has extensive experience in requirement gathering so that our clients get exactly what they need.

  • Allows addition of patients waiting for beds, with notes fields
  • Creates organized workflows for ER admission, bed assignment, bed placement
  • Can capture of reasons for delay which can provide data on foundations for delay issues
  • Can capture time stamps and use data for business process improvements around wait times
  • Allow suspension of beds for maintenance, clean up, etc.
  • Can group like patients together, based on isolation required criteria


Microsoft Sharepoint

Our Hospital Bed Management System (HBMS) solution is based on Microsoft Sharepoint. Microsoft SharePoint is One Stop Shop Solution for solving most of your business problems in an efficient and effective manner. It has Content Management System, Business Process Management, Robust Governance, Knowledge Management, Robust Workflow, Database Management, Business Intelligence, and much more. It has all features to implement integrated quality, health, safety and environment management systems. It has the capability to be used in an offline, online environment, or mobile devices. Our easy-to-use and quick-to-deploy Microsoft SharePoint solution can be deployed within weeks and with minimal internal resource disruption.

Benefits & Features:

  • Off-Line / On-Line Functionality a critical requirement for efficient and effective process adherence
  • Centralized and Global – truly enterprise-wide, providing real-time business intelligence to enable proactive decision-making and quality improvement
  • Built-in Governance to comply with regulatory requirement.
  • User Roles and Security levels can also be automated based on organizational hierarchy
  • Robust and Intuitive Handheld (PDA) Interface enables your staff to work on-site with ease and  accuracy
  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing MS technologies including MS Outlook


AXoMedical: Hospital Clinical Credentialing System

Hospital Clinical Credentialing System (HCCS) was originally developed for a hospital in Niagara, ON. AxoMEDICAL was developed to establish a common understanding of terminology, building an awareness of the purpose and importance of credentialing and documenting HCCS practices. The Hospital Clinical Credential System can be customized to fit any and all needs, and the AxSource team has extensive experience in requirement gathering so that our clients get exactly what they need.

    • Organization contacts and hierarchy management
    • Electronic reappointment forms
    • Automated workflow, reminders and alerts
    • User roles and security
    • Reporting through configurable views