Microsoft Dynamics ERP For Quality and Compliance


Based on our expertise, Regulatory Quality Business Insights, RQBI™ will focus on your business operations using a multi-disciplinary approach to analyze your regulatory, quality and compliance needs from a cost-optimization point of view to enable continued and sustained value while maintaining compliance.


Our Proven Methodology

We identify – Regulatory, Clinical, Quality, Technical & related Financial gaps
We assess – Regulatory Strategy, Quality processes & regulatory compliance
We look for optimal people, efficient processes, and Financials Management

  • Global Regulatory Strategy
  • Integrated Product Quality
  • Integrated Business Services
  • Integrated compliance processes
  • Compliance & Standardization
  • Risk Management /  Mitigation
  • Effective Partners & Resources
  • Lower SG&A
  • Customer Satisfaction



  • Country-specific regulatory strategies
  • Varying Quality systems amidst global sites
  • Redundant processes, IT systems, databases
  • Non-compliances (483’s), Regulatory Inspections, repeat audits
  • Unidentified risks
  • Ineffective, untrained and costly resources
  • High SG&A
  • High volume of Customer Complaints, Recalls and Product Holds
  • High turnover, low morale

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