Food & Beverages

The Food and Beverage industry is a highly competitive business sector faced with increasing regulatory compliance requirements and changing consumer preferences. Given today’s challenging environment for this industry, your business requires highly optimized operations in sales and marketing, product development, process manufacturing, supply chain management, and cost control.

AXSource has already helped many food and beverage companies manage their operations using Microsoft Dynamics 365, a Tier 1 ERP system for both manufacturers and retailers.

Our consultants have extensive industry experience in supply chain management, production planning & management, process manufacturing, inventory management, trade & distribution, and customer relationship management business solutions. We bring consulting experience to help you make strategic business decisions and bridge technological gaps. We provide solutions that measure key business performances, improve business processes, and enable change throughout your organization. We work with a variety of clients and suggest the right-sized solution for the business based on the scale of your operation.

AXSource will ensure a successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations in your business, to put you in control of:


·       Recipe and Formula Management

·       Catch Weight

·       Nutritional Labelling

·       Ingredient Statement and Reporting

·       Sample Testing

·       Potency Management

·       Vendor Management

·       Inventory Management

·       Shop Floor Control

·       Production Costing

·       Lot Tracking

·       Master Production Scheduling

·       Material Requirement Planning

·       Demand Forecasting

·       Procurement

·       Distribution

·       Marketing

·       Sales

·       Quality Assurance

·       Quality Control

·       Corrective and Preventive Action

·       Recall Management

·       Complaint Reporting