Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Marston’s raises the bar for customer experiences with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Great food and good beer are always on the menu at Marston’s. The family-friendly community pubs are a favorite for locals and tourists seeking a cheerful atmosphere with great food, real ales, and good company. With nearly 200 years of experience and 1,500+ pubs in the UK, Marston’s knows how important social and leisure time is, and they work continuously to deliver the best experience.

Marston’s takes a holistic view of guest experience. It starts before guests step into a pub. From finding a pub to making reservations online to pub visits, there are many opportunities, digital and in-person, for Marston’s to win over guests with it’s warm and inviting hospitality. To adapt and thrive in today’s multi-channel environment and to stay ahead of the competition, Marston has embarked on an initiative to transform the guest experience across channels. Marston’s vision is to empower thousands of employees, including marketers, bartenders, servers, and hosts, to engage at a personal level based on a deeper customer understanding.

To realize this vision and create the foundation that enables personalized engagement, Marston’s is using Dynamics 365 Customers Insights. The prepackaged application accelerates Marston’s business transformation ambitions by bringing together guest data currently scattered across multiple systems, including CRM, POS, and in-pub WIFI. Marston’s is minimizing implementation time and effort by leveraging Microsoft’s prebuilt connectors and by resolving customer identities intelligently with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

With unified guest data, Marston’s will gain a complete view of guests, which can be harnessed to generate insights. These insights are infused into existing business applications used by marketers and pub employees, such as Dynamics 365 for Sales, so they are easily accessible by employees who most need them.

Instead of generic communications, guests will receive tailored recommendations and promotional offers. When guests make an online reservation, they will be presented with option to reserve their favorite table. When guests visit a pub, they will be greeted by name and offered their favorite drink. In addition, Marston’s will harness the customer data to identity at-risk customers by using the built-in ML model that predict churn. By leveraging the quick-start templates that come with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Marston’s can leverage the latest technology without added complexity and the need for expensive external resources.